Directions to Creek's End
(from Jasper, Arkansas)
Murray, AR 72666
Number and Street:
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Creek's End is located in Murray Valley, Newton County, Arkansas. If you click on this map site, Creek's End is located to the South a little bit - at the junction of Thomas Creek and Little Buffalo River.
Written Directions:
From Jasper, Arkansas -
Take Hwy 74 west 1/4 mile to Hwy 327 (left turn)
Follow Hwy 327 for 6.5 miles, through Parthenon.
1 mile past Parthenon, turn RIGHT onto County Road 8610 to MURRAY.
Check your mile at this point - it's 5.9 miles to Creek's End.
(There are Creek's End signs at all the intersections.)
At 1.1 miles, bear RIGHT at this fork.
At 2.8 miles, bear LEFT - UP the HILL.
At 4.5 miles, GO LEFT - to Murray.
At 5.6 miles, stay RIGHT (straight ahead). (Begin County Road 8643)
You'll pass the Murray Community Building with 17+ mailboxes, and then WIllis Park.
At about 5.7 mile, turn RIGHT onto the Creek's End road.
At 5.9 miles, cross low water bridge - do NOT drive into deep water!!!
Go straight up the hill, and you are there!!

"Shortcut" From the West (Fayetteville area):
Please note - this road is rough and steep. Not for the faint-hearted!
Follow Hwy 21 to Hwy 16 east.
When you see the sign for SWAIN, slow down!
You'll see a white church-like building on the hill to the right.
Take the next dirt road to the LEFT with a stop sign -  (small Creeks' End sign on tree)
Follow that road on top of the mountain for 3 miles.
Turn RIGHT (downhill!) on dirt road for about 3 more miles.
Cross low-water bridge, then turn LEFT onto Creek's End road.
Go .2 miles, cross another low-water bridge.
Go straight up the hill and you are there!
NOTE: If this road looks too scary, you can follow Hwy 16 through Deer, to Hwy 7 (turn left, to the north) and follow the directions given above from Jasper.

You might want to go to the grocery in Jasper on your way in to Creek's End-
Harp's Grocery is about 1/2 north of Jasper on Hwy 7.
Full range of groceries, hardware store, variety store and gas!
Don't use GPS!   It will get you lost!
Note: If::coming in from the DEER area on Highway 327, you might pass the Murray turn-off  (Newton County Rd 8610) and end up in Parthenon. If so, just back-track one mile. The Murray Road is not marked coming down the hill from Wayton Community, but IS marked coming up from Parthenon.
Watch for Creek's End signs along the way also!