About Us

The History of Creek's End

Creek’s End was built by our mother, MaryAnne Ashworth, in the mid 70’s.  She talked her good friend and neighbor into selling her what he thought was "a worthless hunk of rock". She named the place Creek's End, because it is located at the confluence of Thomas Creek and the Little Buffalo River. Thomas Creek's "end".

   The original house was only 24’x24’ (the living room and TV room now), with no running water. A very cozy little house and functional for one person. But as time went on, it wasn’t big enough for all her (6) kids and grandkids. And running water was determined to be a NECESSITY!!

   So the big kitchen and master bedroom were added, and some of the porches were turned into bathrooms.  Propane heaters were installed instead of wood stoves, and window air conditioners were installed. 

   The big back deck was very important for Mama's catered dinner parties and the screen porch was perfect for just hangin’ out. The smaller front deck she called her "morning coffee deck" as it faces the sunrise over the Little Buffalo.

 In 2000, Mama moved to Jasper and the house was turned into a rental. The house needed lots of work so Annie and Susy (2 of 3 daughters) and their spouses went to work putting in floors, doors and windows. We tried hard to keep Mama's unique personal touches, and we believe we did.            
   Creek's End Riverside Retreat opened in 2001 and is still going strong!  Lots of parties and weddings and family gatherings have happened there. Sadly, Granny MaryAnne passed away in 2018.   
    Creek's End is still our family gathering place for holidays and important events. Most of the family still refers to it as "Granny's House".

   Annie and Susy are your hosts, and we are happy to share this wonderful, peaceful home with you. 

Things to do

HORSEBACK RIDING - call Dennis and Toni Albers at (870) 553-2556 

ZIPLINES - Call Horseshoe Canyon Ranch at (870) 446-2577


Riverview Motel and Canoe (870) 446-2616

ABC Canoe  (870) 446-5252

Buffalo River Canoe (870) 446-2644

Lost Valley Canoe in Ponca (870) 861-5522

HIKING TRAILS - we provide a map of our trails. For other Trails, please research online, or visit the Forest Service office On Highway 7 north of Jasper. 

Some suggested places are:

Hawksbill Crag

Alum Cove

The Glory Hole

Sam's Throne

Roundtop Mountain

Dismal Hollow

Cohen Experimental Forest

Buffalo River Trail


The best place to see the elk on the Buffalo River is in Boxley Valley (Highway 21) . Stay on the bottom (Highway 43) and go towards Ponca.

Best time to see them is early mornings and evenings. Do NOT approach them! They may seem tame, but they are WILD!

Restaurants - 

The Ozark Cafe (Jasper) is our favorite!

Blue Mountain Bakery and Cafe  (Jasper). 

Sharon K's - (Jasper) greasy spoon breakfast and lunch.

Low Gap Cafe - (Low Gap) fancy dining near Steel Creek on the Buffalo River.

Cliff House (Hwy 7 south of Jasper) - great view, worth the drive!

And there's Subway...

Shopping -

in Jasper there are several unique places to shop! Emma's Museum of Junk, The Funky Frog, Spring Street Arts, Jasper Jypsi, Angel Works, and more.

For groceries and dry goods, we have the Dollar General and Harp's Grocery.

Jasper Farm Supply has feed and tires. They fix flats, too!

Gas- Junction Quik Stop and Harp's Grocery.


Jasper Courthouse and Square

old Newton County Jail

Roundtop Mountain

Scenic Point

Arkansas Grand Canyon

Newton County Heritage Museum

Bradley Park

Buffalo National River

Ozark National Forest


Sam's Throne

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Ask us about anything else you want to know.

Scenic Drives

If you want more driving than just getting here, there are several great scenic routes in and around Newton County. A favorite is a Loop from Highway 7 in Jasper to Hwy 74 to Steel Creek, then 74 to 43 to Ponca, then right on 43 to Boxley Valley, then Hwy 21 up the mountain to Hwy 16 where you turn left to Deer, and back to Jasper on Highway 7.

Another great trip is to go back towards Jasper on the dirt road, and when you get to the pavement (Hwy 327) turn right and go up the mountain! Stop in at Alum Cove, then continue on to Hwy 16 (Stop sign). Turn right and go thru the communities of Deer, Nail and Swain.

Just past Swain, watch for County Road 8920 to the right (dirt). Follow that for 3 miles, then drop down to the right. There are signs for Creek's End and Beyond Reality to watch for. Go down for 3 more miles through the Ozark National Forest until you reach the Little Buffalo River. Cross the slab, then turn hard left and you're back at Creek's End!