Detailed directions from Jasper, Arkansas

From Jasper, AR:

 The physical address is:
226 Newton 8643
Parthenon, AR 72666

Trying to get here using GPS will very likely get you lost!! maps have the correct road numbers for Newton County. Most don't.

Here are your detailed directions. Please bring them with you for reference:
From Jasper, AR turn off Highway 7 onto Highway 74 West.
Go about 1/4 mile and turn left onto Highway 327 ( to Parthenon).
Follow 327 for about 7 miles. When you start up the mountain, watch for the sign for Murray. Turn right off 327 onto County Road 8610 (dirt). Check/start your mileage here.
You'll follow 8610 for 5.2 miles. There are also small cream and green Creek's End signs at most intersections.
Here are some landmarks:
At 1.3 miles, you'll pass Church in the Valley.
At 2.1 miles, you'll pass Buffalo Cemetary and Church.
At 4.2 miles, there's a fork in the road,  and KATOG sign.
Stay left, up the hill.
The next fork in the road has 5 or 6 mailboxes, and you stay left, passing a place called Turtle Rock.
At 5.2 miles, (big pasture on your right) you go straight ahead and the road becomes #8643.
Continue on #8643 past the Murray Community Building (log structure) and a lot of mailboxes, then past Willis Park.
At 5.3 miles - Stay to the right on 8643, then cross the low water concrete bridge. Creek's End is straight ahead, up the hill on the far side! 

The road to Creek's End

The road to Creek's End

Directions from other points

From the West

I f you're coming from the Fayetteville area, you can come in on Hwy 412 to Marble, then take Hwy 21 towards Kingston. Stay on Hwy 21 up then down the mountain and through Boxley (watch for the elk!), then up the next mountain, still on Hwy 21. At the junction of Hwy 21 and Hwy 16 (known locally as "Edwards Junction), turn left on Hwy 16 towards Swain. After about a mile, you will see a white school house building on your right. Then look for a dirt road to the left. That's Newton County Rd 8920. There's signs there (on a tree) for "Beyond Reality" and Creek's End. Follow 8920 for about 3 miles, then turn down to the right, still on 8920. Another 3 miles through the Ozark National Forest will bring you down to the river. Cross the low water slab, and then turn left. Creek's End is just ahead.

From Clarksville: Take Hwy 21 North until you connect with Hwy 16. Stay right (east). Hwy 21 will turn off to the left. You stay right on Hwy 16. Then follow directions above.

Note: If you have a "city vehicle" you might want to stay on the pavement on Hwy 16 until you go through Deer, then watch for the paved road on the left to Alum Cove. See detailed directions in the section "From the South".


From the South

If you're coming up from the Russellville area, follow Hwy Scenic 7 all the way to Jasper, then follow the Detailed Directions above.

An alternate route is to turn off Hwy 7 on Hwy 16 towards Deer. Go about a mile, then turn right on the paved road to Alum Cove. Stop and see Alum Cove if you have time. It's really cool! Proceed down the mountain several miles on the paved road until you see County Road 8610 on the left. If you get to Parthenon, you've gone 1 mile too far. Just turn around and follow the Detailed Directions above.

ADVENTURE ROUTE! (4x4 suggested!)  Go past Alum Cove and continue on the paved road until you pass the Wayton Cemetery on your right. Immediately after, look for a dirt road to the left. There is a community building and church by the turn. Follow that dirt road until you find County Road 8610, which is by the old Snow Cemetery (where Frank James is buried). Turn left, and go down, down, down until you reach County Road 8643 on the bottom. Turn left! Pass the Murray Community Building (log structure and lots of mailboxes), then pass Willis Park. The next fork in the road is the Creek's End driveway to the right. Another 1/4 mile, cross the river, and you're there!! If you really want to go this way, we can provide detailed road numbers, etc.


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